What They Say

"I started coming to Simone’s post natal classes after a difficult pregnancy and birth with my first child. With small class sizes I had lots of one-to-one attention and gradually recovered and grew in strength. I carried on with Simone’s classes right to the end of my second pregnancy and felt so much stronger, had less back and pelvic pain and a far easier birth and recovery.

Now with a busy job and two small kids my weekly pilates class is not only a chance to improve my strength and tone but also a much appreciated hour to myself and an opportunity to check in with my own mental and physical health. Saturday morning pilates is an essential part of my life now.

Simone is super knowledgeable and observant and really cares about her clients well-being. She is warm and friendly and her classes are a really wonderful combination of hard work and relaxation."


"I started to attend Pilates classes with Simone when my daughter was few months old, she is very knowledgeable and focuses on each individuals needs and capabilities. My core definitely feels more strong now and after every class I feel more refreshed and energetic.

I definitely recommend Simone's classes for getting back into shape after having a baby!"


"A couple of years ago having heard ladies of a certain age speak conspiratorially, in hushed tones about pilates, alluding to their prowess and implying reckless bravado in attempting such a demanding discipline. I thought that I should give it a go. 

Living just around the corner from Simone and having met her a couple of times socially it seemed an obvious choice to try out a Tuesday evening class. Going along armed with nerves and a fear of which body parts would ache after what I expected to be a rigourous  workout I found I had been misled. On the contrary, the exercises seemed too simple and not in the least challenging, I had to make an effort to avoid getting the giggles with all that deep breathing and apparently gentle stretching. 

I was wrong. Now, I eagerly attend weekly classes, have a much better comprehension of how the exercises : slow, repetitive but so very strengthening have improved not just my core strength but my overall body flexibility and posture. The reoccurring back problem which my work provokes is almost cured, and even though I have been eligible for Saga for a few years now my tummy hasn't been so flat or firm since I was 18 !

Simone  has helped me to resurrect my ageing body and strengthen parts I didn't know I had."



My daughter had talked so much about the benefits of pilates I was curious to see if I could do it . Going to an hours  starter lesson at Simone's I found that I really enjoyed it and the exercises were not too complex. Now I practice regularly and it has helped my mobility enormously.   

Marion (Age 91)

I decided to start doing Pilates after I found my core strength wanting whilst skiing. I checked out a number of classes before settling on Simone’s classes.  She is hugely experienced and with a marvellous understanding of what the body can and cannot do and the way in which it reacts. Her charm is just an added bonus making her classes a pleasure.  Recommended. 
David Solomon”  ……. 5 Star of course

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