Pilates is an ideal discipline or exercise programme for rehabilitation.

Whether it is from an injury, post surgery, sciatica or bad back and neck pain.

Focusing on correct alignment and isolating muscles to restore strength and mobility. 

"I first attended Simone's pilates classes with very arthritic hips causing restricted abductor and rotation movement, but the classes were invaluable as a pre-op workout. Eventually in autumn 2015, after a double hip replacement, i returned to the pilates classes.Feeling fragile and nervous, i need not have worried. Simone's knowledge of anatomy and physiology ensured that she understood exactly what i should and shouldn't attempt during post-operative recovery. Although it was a class, Simone gave individual attention to my needs and adapted exercises for me when necessary. I felt safe and reassured. 

Simone has been my main ( actually my only!!)  source of rehabilitation and now my strength and mobility have improved greatly. 

I cant thank her enough."

 Sheila Amoo-Gottfield. Aged 77



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