The Team

The Team

Simone Halfpenny

  Emma Ahlstrom

My Pilates journey started a few years ago when I was looking for alternative treatments for my dad who suffers quite badly from MS. I came across Pilates and was fascinated by how this form of exercise seemed to be beneficial for so many types of health concerns.

I started practising Pilates and eventually also decided to train to become a teacher. I have always had a great interest in healthy living and a desire to help people feel good about them selves – I am also a qualified fitness instructor, health coach & massage therapist. All my training  & experience has given me a broad set of skills and a very holistic approach to health, which is something that has really helped me as a Pilates teacher. I’m very passionate about sharing all the great health benefits of Pilates with my clients and I love seeing their postures improve, their pains and aches disappear and their bodies become stronger for every week. In all my sessions I try to incorporate relaxation as well as all other elements of Pilates, as I believe managing our stress levels is so important for the health of both our minds and bodies!

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